Social Dancing:


New leader Jim White

The Social Dance group still has plenty of openings on it's books for new members.
We average around 24 members each week but there's always room for you and your friends.
We meet every Monday 1:30 - 4:00 at Perrenwell Village Hall and you will be welcomed by all. (and it doesn't matter if you've never danced before).
Dancing is one of the finest ways to keep active ( an active body is an active mind).

Hope to see you there soon,

Jim White,   07702 323705,      jimofcornwall@gmail.com

                           Free tea, coffee, cake and biscuits.

The Social Dance Group is hosting yet another of it's Sunday Tea Dances.
It will be held again at "Kea Community Centre, Playing Place" Sunday 11th November 1:30 - 4:00.

Come along and see how this group really enjoy themselves with great friends, great activity and great music all with the social aspect in mind and enjoy a cup of tea and piece of cake in the process.

We hope to see you there and who knows you may make some new friends. 

                                   And it's all completely free. 


Videos of dances Ballroom Waltz

Ballroom Waltz

Samba Walks Line Dance

Samba Walks




Cornish Dancing - Dons Kernewek:

"Dancing could be the best exercise of all to get maximum brain benefit!" These were the words of the presenter of the programme, "The Truth About Getting Fit", shown recently on BBC1. The programme also examined the health advantages of running and cycling but concluded that, for physical benefits plus enhancement of brain function, dancing came out on top. 

dons kernewek


We have enjoyed developing our partnership with Aggie Folk, whose live music has greatly enhanced our various displays.  We have learned several new dances, including `Pawnbrokers', which was  taught to us by the Newquay Cornish Dance group. `Tintagel Triumph'  is another attractive addition to our repertoire; it looks quite complicated but we think we have have mastered it now.  We have also developed new variations of some old favourites such as `Ros Veur' and `Tin Stamp', so that we can add more variety to our displays.  

Best of all, our group has welcomed quite a few new members, some of whom are shown in this month's photograph. They have learnt really fast and make a great contribution to the group in every way.  We have a lot of fun together and look forward to putting our best feet forward throughout the year to come.  

After taking a Christmas break, our first session of the New Year is on Thursday 3rd January, 2 - 4 p.m.  We meet at St Mary's Church Hall, Falmouth and sessions are held weekly.   If any potential new members would like to give us a try we would be really pleased to see you in the New Year.     
Sue Prout 01326 372761  


dance dance dance
Cape Cornwall Dance





Line Dancing:

Line Dancing 6:30 Fri eve. on 5, 22 & 29 Sep at Feock Ch Hall

line dancing


line dancing


Tea &Coffee are available at 7.15 approx with a chance of a chat.
All members are welcome.(or potential members).
 Ron Bunyon.   01209 860811.  archerbunyon@talktalk.net

Rock and Roll

ROCK AND ROLL Rock and Roll will start again in the New Year. Please note the change of venue and day. We are moving to the Parish Rooms at Pulla Cross, which has a lovely floor for dancing, free heating and wi-fi, a large car park, and has to be the cheapest hall to hire in the area. I hope the committee are impressed. We are changing to Wednesday evenings, same time, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., and hope that those people who couldn't make Tuesdays will be able to join us. Our dates will be October 3,10,17,24 November 6,14,21,28 Sue and Ray Hutt

sueandray21@btinternet.com     01872864494


Check out our Google Calendar - Use the tab on our Home Page to check dates, times and locations!!

Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator